Most adults are unhappy with the appearance of their smiles, as crooked teeth can make many people feel self-conscious, reserved or even ashamed of their appearance. Thankfully, Tech Dentistry’s Six Month Smiles™ orthodontics program helps adults smile bigger and brighter than ever after wearing braces for only six months! How is our Six Month Smile™ program different from traditional orthodontic treatment?

  • You’ll achieve results in only six to nine months
  • We use clear or tooth-colored brackets and extremely thin wires to make your braces almost invisible to the naked eye
  • The treatment utilizes a low-force process – and because the treatment time is reduced, it increases patient safety and comfort
  • They require fewer visits to the office, so you won’t have to come in for adjustments as often
  • You’ll save time and money, especially when compared to the cost of traditional braces

Are you over the age of 15 and interested in having a healthy, beautiful smile in only six months? Call (404) 733-2022 or schedule an appointment online for an initial evaluation!

Fast, Easy and Affordable

If you qualify for this program, Tech Dentistry’s orthodontists will place clear or tooth-colored braces on your teeth to gently straighten your smile in about six months. How does it work so quickly? We focus on only the teeth that are displayed when you smile – and Six Month Smiles™ does not make big changes to your bite, enabling us to give you that straight, perfect grin you deserve.

Thousands of people around the country have already used Six Month Smiles™ to change their smile without relying on traditional metal braces. You could be next! Call us today at (404) 733-2022 or fill out our short contact form to find out more about our fast, highly-effective, affordable alternative to metal braces. Get the smile you’ve always wanted!

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